Chronicles of a solo female traveler

At Orange, FL while Ms*M* was busy ticking off her to do list. packing, and shuttling the embassy and travel agents, Map-N-Go here in India was meticulously charting out a perfect itinerary for her. Few exchange of emails and a call was all it took for our clients to turn friends forever. Well before the arrival, Map-N-Go was aware of the tastes and interests of Ms. M, what she wants and how she plans her holiday as a solo female traveler.
As Ayurveda, houseboat cruise, and visiting Kerala was a long cherished dream in Ms. M, Kerala was her first destination. She was able to visit medicinal plant gardens and Ayurveda factories and share knowledge in first hand. She could indulge in traditional authentic Ayurveda massages from the best Ayurveda centers in Kerala. Ms. M also lived out her Tarzan moments, in the wilderness of Wayanad on a tree house.

Map-N-Go provided everything from a mobile phone to a fully furnished well suited place to stay. She was well connected throughout her stay and never felt nostalgic or concerned with the chaotic world outside. We guided on how to manage haggling street vendors and auto drivers.
She handpicked from the various options put infront of all eminent yoga acharyas and their schooling methods, thus averting from squandering on incompetent decisions of quality yoga. She was given an up-close glimpse of yoga centers, their courses and quality check. She was briefed on open classes and finding the right Guru.
Each and every new moon day along with unexpected holidays were well planned out not to miss out anything this majestic city has to offer, be it a day out, or a one day trip to Bellur, Somanathpur, Srirangapatna, Hampi, or a tuk-tuk ride to the glorious Mysore Palace. After yoga, she was fortunate to learn Indian cooking, Sanskrit classes, Bajans, and Mysore painting. There were days for amok shopping sprees, chariot ride around palace on a full moon day. She felt like a princess while coming down the regal stepladders of Lalithmahal palace. She was welcomed with open arms to the Map-N-Go family, she touched a higher levels of feminity through Indian sarees, anklets, bindhi, mehandi, and rangoli. She could partake in festivities of temples in the neighbourhood, inner circles of Indian marriage, Brahmin thread ceremony with not a single moment of craving for the special person or food because she was at home. She found home on the other end of the earth.

She may have reached here alone but she would not be lonely, she was served with lingering memories, cherished friendship and let enhance her path to attain peace under the wings of various yogis. She got opportunity to bond and grow among people alike herself and carry a piece of everything along the way and this is exactly what Map-N-Go does, we help you build memories…….